Made to measure women clothing, sweaters, tunic top, skirt, dress, coat, jacket, blouse, lijingshop

Hi, welcome to our online boutique. We are a family owned business, our members are the independent designers and dress makers who worked in apparel making for many years.

In my childhood, my dream is to be a clothing designer when I grow up. From 2012 to 2017, I worked at idea2lifestyle for almost 6 years, I'm very happy in Idea2lifestyle. It is an online shop on Etsy, it sold more than 70,000 items on Etsy and have many admirers. During the time  in Idea2lifestyle, I learned how to design, and I read many fashion magazines, I fall in love with design clothing. Gerald usually discuss with me about his designs, and I usually told him my opinion and suggestion. But in July 2017, in order to take care of his parents, Gerald decided to close the boutique.

I'm so sad idea2lifestyle was closed. After left idea2lifestyle, I open an online shop on Dawanda, and making and selling my designs on Dawanda. During the time, I sold many pieces of  items, and many customers fall in love my designs, one day Dawanda Team notified me that DaWanda will close the marketplace on the 30th of August, 2018, but I can import all my listings to Etsy, I registered an Etsy account, and I'm so happy I own an online shop on Etsy.

We lived in Shanghai for a long time, we are in Guangzhou now, it is a fashion city. An interesting thing, a show, a movie will be my  inspiration. We work out new designs every month, in order to make the design more perfect, it usually takes some time.

In the future, I will do my best to creat the better designs with my experience in these years. And we can custom make the items according to your measurements and height, thank you very much for your support!